GE features new high-definition CT technologies
CHICAGO, Nov. 26—GE Healthcare is showcasing a portfolio of CT technologies that fall under the umbrella of high-definition CT at its expansive exhibition booth at the 93rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

“HDCT technologies represent a dramatic departure from recent CT industry trends, but one that—at its core—is aligned with the real diagnostic goals that clinicians are demanding for their patients,” said Gene Saragnese, vice president of GE’s CT business.  “We’re working with new functional and time-based CT information that might help them know more. We believe HDCT technologies are transformational.”

GE materials scientists are reformulating new CT detector material to create new scintillator material, which the company describes as “literally, a gem,” because its design is based on a garnet gemstone. The gemstone is translucent yellow and reflects light, allowing for optical precision and sharp images of a patient’s internal organs with patients exposed to less radiation dose. When modified to enhance its x-ray-scintillating behavior, the GE Gemstone CT detector is being designed to improve x-ray conversion speed and other properties required to support step-function improvements in spatial resolution, according to GE. 

The company also said its engineers are working to extend the capabilities of the Volara digital acquisition system by doubling its sampling speed, and maintaining its low signal performance for dose efficiency.

GE engineers also are trying to find a method to acquire helical dual-energy data with improved temporal registration, using only a single source and detector. Utilizing a prototype HDCT imaging chain, the kVp of the x-rays can be switched from 80 kVp to 140 kVp and back in less than one millisecond, according to the company. 

GE expects to file for FDA clearance soon.