GE fetal monitoring program now uses new standardized terminology
GE Healthcare is now offering its Electronic Fetal Monitoring Interpretation and Management program with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's (NICHD)'s latest 2008 terminology and interpretation.

The changes incorporate terminology to describe uterine activity (e.g., tachysystole, normal, characteristics of uterine contractions), in addition to a recommendation to adopt a three-tier fetal heart rate interpretation system to help classify both abnormal and normal fetal heart rate tracings and a third category with tracings that can not be included in either of the other two categories.

This program developed in cooperation with Frank Miller, MD, and David Miller, MD, in the field of fetal monitoring, emphasized the importance of using standardized NICHD terminology to describe, communicate and interpret abnormal fetal heart rate tracings. It is designed for physicians, midwives, nurses, residents and students in obstetrics.