GE, Gamma Medica-Ideas team on pre-clinical imaging systems
GE Healthcare and Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I) have extended their product distribution relationship to include joint development of pre-clinical imaging systems.

Under the agreement originally announced during the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) meeting in June, GM-I will manufacture all pre-clinical PET, SPECT and CT products sold by GE, including the new eXplore CT120 and SpeCZT model lines.

The companies will jointly pursue new pre-clinical product developments expected to lead to new products for pre-clinical imaging. GE said it will continue promotion, marketing, sales and service responsibilities.

“This is an opportunity to harmonize GM-I and GE’s CZT SPECT, APD PET and high throughput CT imaging systems,” said Bradley Patt, PhD, CEO of the Northridge, Calif.-based GM-I.

The agreement officially took effect on Wednesday.