GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare (3075) is dedicated to helping transform healthcare delivery by driving critical breakthroughs in biology and technology. Its expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies is enabling healthcare professionals around the world discover new ways to predict, diagnose and treat disease earlier. They call this model of care "Early Health." The goal: to help clinicians detect disease earlier, access more information and intervene earlier with more targeted treatments, so they can help their patients live their lives to the fullest.

  GE Healthcare Vivid S5 cardiovascular ultrasound system
In cardiovascular ultrasound, GE will feature its all new Vivid S5. Leveraging GE’s miniaturization expertise gained from the Vivid i and performance expertise of the console Vivid 7.  The versatile Vivid S5, debuting at ACC, fits in a variety of clinical settings to deliver a strong performance and valuable diagnostic solutions. At its heart is the high image quality and broad range of features GE is known for. Add to that a boost of newly developed functions and innovative ergonomic design and the Vivid S5 is a system that’s ready to serve a wide range of clinical users.

The Vivid S6 signature class cardiovascular ultrasound system combines strong performance and excellent image quality into a new innovative console design. The Vivid S6 takes the clinical quantitative tools from the acclaimed Vivid 7 and the miniaturization expertise gained from Vivid i to create an extraordinarily unique cardiovascular and shared services system that expands the reach of patient examinations.

The Vivid 7 Dimension ’08 adds breakthrough Ultra-definition Technology to take its outstanding 2D & real-time 4D image quality to the next level. This new technology combines image acquisition, image processing and simplified image control to realize a new level of excellence.  In addition to new capabilities for the on-board AFI functionality, Vivid 7 Dimension ’08 adds on-board 4D LV volumes for easy incorporation into patient exams.

The Vivid e adds a fully integrated, three-connector, docking cart, creating a true hybrid system with the power of ergonomic console-style and the portability physicians have come to depend on. The Vivid e also expands the application, utility and workflow of GE’s compact product line by offering a complete cardiac feature set with additional transducers and adding stress echo for 2008.

In cardiac CT, GE will showcase the LightSpeed VCT with SnapShot Pulse. Meeting the growing demand for dose management, GE Healthcare now offers improved dose reduction results for both diagnostic cardiac and neuro perfusion CT exams. GE’s SnapShot Pulse technology for prospectively gated diagnostic cardiac CT exams has been proven to reduce a patient’s radiation exposure by up to 83% and improve image quality. These results have been validated from clinicians performing thousands of exams at sites around the world.

In cardiovascular IT, GE will highlight its Centricity Cardiology. GE Healthcare’s redesigned Centricity Cardiology suite presents a simple, three-tiered solution for total simplicity in management of your cardiac IT.  MacLab Administrator, Centricity Cardiology Lab Manager, and Centricity CVIS work together to give administrators, physicians and IT managers the tools to ensure accuracy and optimize clinical workflow. In addition, Centricity Cardiology now offers end-to-end automatic export to the ICD registry, the official database for Medicare patients, in which participation is mandatory for reimbursement eligibility.