GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare (Booth 3619) is unveiling its latest release of Centricity EMR, and also is featuring solutions for the enterprise mobile, enterprise web services and decision support markets. 

Centricity EMR is designed for physician-ready adoption, and, includes mobile access and features focused on the performance and quality of patient care.

Centricity Enterprise Mobile provides clinical information in a familiar format. Microsoft Windows Mobile version 6 manages patient information and view clinical results such as patient vital signs, medications and laboratory results. Integration with the Centricity Enterprise Inbox helps ensure that new lab results and other provider communications are always updated.

Centricity Enterprise Web Services are self-contained sets of programmatic code that have been created by GE. These services retrieve data without requiring intimate knowledge of Centricity Enterprise.

Centricity Enterprise Rules Engine powered by Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor is a tool that enables decision-support and enhances workflow capabilities of clinical, administrative and financial users. The Rules Engine expands the clinical logic and administrative workflows within Centricity Enterprise and allows customers to create custom knowledge bases.