GE Healthcare creates Saudi Arabian joint venture
GE Healthcare has formed a new joint venture GE El Seif Healthcare Arabia.

The new company will drive the sale of GE Healthcare’s products in Saudi Arabia, and GE and El Seif Development will have 51:49 percent, respectively, GE said.

GE said it has been established in Saudi Arabia for more than 25 years and together with strategic partner El Seif Development the latest innovations are available to healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia.

The new joint venture, GE El Seif Healthcare Arabia, is aligned with GE Healthcare's vision for the future of healthcare—Early Health—to move healthcare delivery to pre-symptomatic and earlier disease detection, according to GE.

GE El Seif Healthcare Arabia will bring to market GE’s portfolio to healthcare professionals across Saudi Arabia, and will also complement the earlier joint venture between GE and El Seif, GE El Seif Medical Services.