GE Healthcare introduces motion-free PET/CT imaging
At SNM 2007 this week in Washington D.C., GE Healthcare introduced a new version of the company’s Discovery Dimension to help clinicians advance towards the goal of motion-free positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) imaging. GE’s Discovery Dimension features allow the clinician to address the PET and CT imaging mismatches related to respiratory and cardiac motion. These include motion correction techniques that effectively improve clinical results and minimize blur caused by motion.

GE provides exclusive technologies for the Discovery Dimension – high definition PET image processing, patient motion management and clinical productivity features – that together address motion, which is one of the most significant factors in lesion characterization that degrade today’s PET/CT image quality. These technologies are continuously developed through the work of GE research and global clinical research partners in pursuit of motion free PET/CT imaging.

“Our use of PET and CT 4D respiratory motion imaging provides improved lesion detectability, quantitative accuracy and valuable information for radiation treatment planning,” said Professor Ferruccio Fazio, director of Hospital San Raffaele (HSR) PET and Radiotherapy Center Milan, Italy.  “All are significant in the comparative assessment of lesions in follow up studies before and after therapy.”