GE introduces new tools for Perfusion 4 Neuro at CT show
GE Healthcare introduced an analysis software package that aids in the assessment of the extent and type of perfusion, blood volume and capillary permeability changes, which may relate to stroke or tumor angiogenesis and the treatment thereof. Perfusion 4 Neuro automated software for computed tomography (CT) provides assessment of the type and extent of cerebral perfusion disturbances by providing qualitative and quantitative information on various perfusion-related parameters such as regional blood flow, regional blood volume, mean transit time, capillary permeability and Tissue Classification Index. The announcement was made this week at the Stanford Radiology: 8th Annual International Symposium on Multidetector–Row CT in San Francisco.

Tissue Classification Index is a new tool in the software that aids the physician in determining the status of the tissue based on various perfusion-related parameters, during the first six hours after the onset of symptoms. Timing is critical in identifying the occurrence of stroke and the follow up treatment.

When Perfusion 4 Neuro is used on the LightSpeed VCT XT in conjunction with VolumeShuttle, clinicians can perform simultaneous CT angiography and CT perfusion exams on a single contrast injection, as well as increase coverage from 40 mm to 80 mm.