GE launches research agreement with UCSD

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GE Healthcare and the University of California, San Diego have inked a 10-year research agreement.

According to research leaders at both institutions, the research alliance will focus on a number of groundbreaking areas, including:
  • Neuroscience - Using GE's 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, UCSD's neuroscience researchers will investigate the human brain to better understand its architecture and function. The research promises to help advance the use of non-invasive imaging to improve medical knowledge of neurological diseases and their treatment.

  • MR guided Focused ultrasound - UCSD will research with GE and its partner, InSightec, to use highly focused ultrasound beams to treat internal lesions without invasive surgery. While selectively treating areas within the body and simultaneously monitoring progress, the new technology could improve upon standard treatments for liver tumors, brain tumors, fibrocystic breast lesions, and uterine fibroids.

  • Alzheimer's disease - UCSD will co-direct a joint industry/academia study of thousands of patients with Alzheimer's disease in order to better understand the disease progression and to improve methods of diagnosing its onset and progression. In addition to furthering medical knowledge, the effort will provide a powerful database for future drug development and testing.

  • Atherosclerosis - Collaboratively working to determine the progression of atherosclerostic plaque within blood vessels and how to effectively test for the dangers it may represent to a patient.