GE Medical Systems, i3Archive to market National Digital Mammography Archive
GE Medical Systems and i3Archive Inc. this week announced a partnership to provide i3Archive's National Digital Mammography Archive (NDMA) to healthcare facilities nationwide.

The pact includes marketing and sales of NDMA services. The Philadelphia company specializes in national storage, access and distribution of health images and data

Bonnie Sharps, vice president of business development at i3Archive, said the NDMA will "act as a knowledge and image management tool for physicians nationwide. It provides them with knowledge from their peers and immediate access to image and other clinical data. Additionally, it gives patients the comfort of knowing that their physician understands their entire history."

NDMA technology was developed with federal grant funding by four major teaching universities, including the University of Pennsylvania. The NDMA is a distributed archiving supercomputer with a robust security architecture, digital certification and smart card authentication - all features that support compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The archive is connected to the hospital or health system via a device that enables the facility to access its image data or, with approval, another hospital's image information.