GE, Medipattern partner on ultrasound-based CAD
GE Healthcare’s Radiology and Vascular Ultrasound group and Medipattern Corporation yesterday announced a five-year collaborative sales and development agreement for ultrasound-based computer-aided detection (CAD). The agreement is structured in two parts, enabling GE Healthcare to resell the current B-CAD product line, while collaboratively developing and customizing CAD for GE’s future solutions.

Under the agreement, GE Healthcare will work with Medipattern to develop CAD for existing GE ultrasound platforms as well as future ultrasound imaging solutions. Medipattern will create an advanced version of its breast ultrasound CAD exclusively for GE Healthcare for use with its ultrasound solutions, which will be made available to the market through GE's well-established global sales channels.

“GE Healthcare is facilitating the next era in medical imaging by developing advanced tools for volume ultrasound imaging. Both the quality and number of images are increasing and moving from 2D to a more advanced 3D imaging that will enable the physician to see even greater detail capable of revealing disease at an earlier stage. At the same time, the patient population is growing and the number of active radiologists is decreasing. These trends place stress upon those in the medical imaging field worldwide. CAD plays a key role through its ability to extract the salient features of medical images, organize information, and document all of the case detail quickly and efficiently,” said Brian McEathron, GE Healthcare general manager for radiology and vascular ultrasound.

“B-CAD standardizes the reading and reporting method, increases radiologists' confidence in their diagnostic decisions, and reduces the amount of time required to interpret that information,” McEathron said. “GE Healthcare chose Medipattern as its partner in breast ultrasound CAD for its technical expertise, its consistently innovative approach, and its dedication to both partners and patients.”