GE sees big growth in ultrasound sales

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GE Healthcare announced Monday that its Global Ultrasound business grew to $671 million in sales for the first half of 2006, a 15 percent growth spurt compared the same period in 2005. In 2005 GE saw 15 percent growth and sales of $1.36 billion, which marked a 10-year trend of double-digit growth for the business. GE attributes this to a number of strategic initiatives focused on ultrasound — especially compact and volume ultrasound systems — and other areas.
One contributing factor for GE was the introduction earlier this year of its new Compact Series of ultrasound products — including four new ultrasound systems designed for real-time point-of-care imaging. The laptop-size systems include the Vivid i and Voluson i, as well as the LOGIQ i, which is FDA-cleared and slated for commercial release this fall.