GE showcases latest additions to breast imaging product line
GE Healthcare showcased at RSNA 2006 its Senographe FFDM mammography system, the newest addition to its breast imaging product line. The system is the next-generation of GE’s Senographe FFDM systems.

The Senographe Essential features a 24-by-31cm detector size and offers a large active field of view. The system is equipped with GE’s advanced digital detector, which at low doses delivers a very high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), the new standard for quantifying digital x-ray image quality.

The Senographe Essential is part of GE’s Senographe family of products. Introduced in early 2004, the Senographe DS was the first FFDM system designed to meet the clinical needs from screening diagnostic to interventional procedures, using the same detector to optimize image quality and workflow. The Senographe product line and Seno Advantage multi-modality breast imaging workstation offer a complete imaging and information management system to help healthcare professionals detect breast cancer earlier and treat it more effectively.

GE also showcased what it tagged as a commitment to “early health” by highlighting clinical testimonials and technical advancements related to the company’s breast MR portfolio. For example, GE’s VIBRANT (volume imaging for breast assessment) high definition technology enables a non-invasive imaging procedure of both breasts simultaneously, in a single patient visit. VIBRANT–XV further expands the capability to acquire high-resolution images at high speed, providing both exquisite anatomical detail as well as critical kinetic information.

GE’s breast MRI portfolio also includes: BREASE for breast spectroscopy; an 8- Channel Breast Array with improved signal-to-noise and better access for intervention and a unique CADstream integration; and advanced breast MRI programs with complete analysis, reporting and interventional guidance, the company said.
In addition, GE also announced at a new collaboration with Sentinelle Medical to further advance breast MRI. Sentinelle has developed the Vanguard system, a dedicated breast imaging and intervention patient table, for use with GE’s Signa HD 1.5T MR scanners to help achieve exemplary image quality, improved access to tissue for intervention and a high level of comfort for patients.  The open architecture design provides complete medial and lateral access to the breast, enabling unimpeded imaging and intervention. Additional access to the breast in the anterior direction enables breast positioning similar to stereotactic mammography. 

As a diagnostic tool, GE said the Sentinelle breast MR system is suitable for a wide range of indications in breast disease management including detection of breast lesions, evaluation of treatment response and surveillance of high-risk patients.