GE ultrasounds feature touchscreens and CT, MR and PET fusion
GE Healthcare showcased several new ultrasound systems at the 2008 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), including an ultrasound that merges real-time imaging with CT, MR and PET.

The new ultrasound system for radiology and vascular applications, the Logiq E9, fuses ultrasound images with any previous study from other imaging modalities like CT and MR that is both volume and DICOM.

It includes volume navigation, a tool which incorporates two key components: ‘Fusion’ to combine the advantages of real-time ultrasound imaging with the high spatial and contrast resolution of CT, MR or PET; and a ‘GPS-like technology’ to track and mark a patient’s anatomy during the ultrasound exam, “bringing confidence and productivity to both diagnostic and interventional studies,” according to GE.

A company spokesperson told Health Imaging News that the Logiq E9 helps address perhaps the biggest challenge in ultrasound radiology and vascular care—how to leverage clinical images from previous diagnostic imaging studies for interventional or diagnostic ultrasound procedures. For example, a clinician can track a disease over time within a patient using the system. Additionally, the E9 could possibly for instance help keep asset utilization up on the higher cost equipment used for image-guided biopsies.

GE also launched a new compact ultrasound system as part of its Logiq e line, the Logiq e Breakthrough 2009, which the company said is the first ultrasound system to combine real-time clinical images and control capabilities on the same touchscreen user interface.

Other new features introduced with the launch of Logiq e Breakthrough 2009 include a barcode reader, uninterruptible power supply, which keeps the system and its peripherals powered for extended periods in the unplugged mode to enable continuous scanning. A digital video capture device allows recording of real-time clinical data to USB memory with on-system playback capabilities, GE said.