GE updates compact ultrasound platform
GE Healthcare released new enhancements to its Voluson compact ultrasound imaging platforms together with its updated consoles at the 18th Congress of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) this week in Chicago.

The company said its new proprietary software, SonoVCADlabor, measures fetal head direction, rotation and progression in the second stage of labor. Available on the Voluson i compact ultrasound product, GE said its SonoVCADlabor is designed for labor and delivery wards dealing with high-risk pregnancies, and teaching hospitals where doctors, nurses or midwives need additional clinical information.

GE said its new automation software has been migrated across the women’s healthcare ultrasound systems to enhance the Voluson i and Voluson e compact systems. The company said the other software updates to the Voluson compact systems include:
  • SonoVCADheart: The technology acquires volumetric images of the fetal heart, displaying all of the 2D planes, which complies with the ISUOG recommended standard screening exam of the fetal heart.
  • SonoAVCfollicle: To calculate the number and volume of ovarian follicles.