Geisinger, Vignette develop RHIO initiative
Geisinger Health System, a physician-led healthcare system in Pennsylvania, is partnering with Vignette, a provider of enterprise content management system, to build a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). Clinicians through the area will have access to patient records electronically via the RHIO which has been developed in conjunction with two community hospitals.

Vignette will serve as the primary EHR delivery vehicle across the RHIO. Vignette's system, coupled with a record locator service and a community master patient index, will give physicians throughout the region secure access to critical patient information at the point of care. Vignette's portal will provide physicians with a federated view of information from multiple healthcare providers with a single log-in, saving time and providing complete and accurate patient history information, which can improve patient safety and enhance the quality of care.

"Geisinger is committed to providing quality healthcare to the residents of Pennsylvania by giving doctors instant access to complete electronic patient records, consistent with our strong commitment to patient privacy," said Frank Richards, chief information officer, Geisinger. He added, “We will be able to access both structured and unstructured patient information for in- and out-of-network patients in a timely manner, improving our customer service, reducing costs and increasing the quality of care for our 3.5 million customers."