Grundig Business Systems
The wireless dictation microphone Digta CordEx by Grundig Business Systems.
Grundig Business Systems (Booth 6559) is presenting its wireless dictation microphone Digta CordEx, a professional wireless dictation microphone that allows users to move freely within a 25-foot radius, while still dictating into the user's PC.

A visual and audible warning is given when a user moves out of range, while the dictation is simultaneously saved in the device's temporary memory. The Digta CordEx comes with a USB docking station, a rechargeable battery pack, power cable and the recently released DigtaSoft or DigtaSoft Pro 4.2 workflow software. The Digta CordEx can be used as a voice input device for integrated workflow, back office and speech recognition platforms.

Another product Grundig is showing is the updated Digta 420 portable digital dictation recorder. Enhanced security features like encryption of voice data and a PIN and PUK for the internal memory are also included. The upgraded version of the Digta 420 includes an extended memory, with just under 80 hours of recording capacity and an extra wide slide switch for one-handed operation.