Grundig Business Systems unveils new mobile dictation devices
Grundig Business Systems unveiled flexible and mobile dictation devices as part of its portfolio of ergonomically designed dictation technology, during the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Fla.

“Grundig Business Systems has introduced some of the world’s most popular dictation devices which are now part of a comprehensive, one-stop product portfolio and we are excited about bringing a breath of fresh air to the North American dictation market,” said Chris Hanley, sales manager, Grundig, told Health Imaging News.

The company showcased the Digta CordEx, which Hanley said is the world’s first wireless dictation microphone that transmits to the PC through a USB-attached receiving station, affording physicians maximum flexibility and mobility when recording dictations at their workstations.

“Users can move freely within a 33-foot radius around the office or lab to dictate and a visual and audible warning is issued when a user moves out of range, while the dictation is simultaneously saved in the temporary memory for voice data,” Hanley said.

The CordEx will be commercially available in the United States and Europe in early April.

Grundig also showcased the DigtaSonic xMic, weighted so it sits more comfortably in the palm of the hand, to enable users to keep their hand low and supported, rather than having to constantly lift the device up to speak.

Grundig also launched a new mobile dictation recorder at the show, the Digta x410, which the company hopes will encourage users of analog dictation devices to make the transition to the world of digital dictation.

“At Grundig Business Systems we understand that swapping a familiar device that served users well for several years for new technology can be difficult. But we want hospitals to be able to benefit quickly from digital dictation. The Digta x410 therefore builds on the familiar slide-switch to encourage more and more users of analog dictation to make the switch to digital dictation,” Hanley said.

The Digta x410 comes with a 32MB hard disk which allows for up to five hours of voice recording. The USB interface expands workflow options, as it allows turning the device into a PC dictation microphone.