Guardian Technologies, Aurum Institute enter development agreement
Guardian Technologies International, a radiology informatics firm, has entered a teaming and joint development agreement with the Aurum Institute for Health Research of Marshalltown, South Africa, to create of a fully-automated imaging analysis system for the early identification and quantification of tuberculosis (TB), malaria and pneumoconiosis. The system will be deployed in developing nations, the company said.

Under the terms of the agreement, Guardian and Aurum’s scientists will work to perfect the use of Guardian’s Signature Mapping imaging technology to automatically detect, identify, and quantify the bacteria that causes TB and the parasites that cause malaria, according to the Herndon, Va.-based Guardian.

“Improved diagnostics support early detection, which translates into early administration of treatments, which has been proven to be one of the most powerful weapons against diseases such as TB and malaria,” said Richard Borrelli, vice president of Healthcare Services, Guardian Technologies. “We believe that Signature Mapping will play a key role in the automation of early stage diagnostics. Our goal is to further develop and distribute Signature Mapping, in tandem with Aurum, to help them reduce labor costs, provide faster diagnoses and eliminate all too common human errors in these underdeveloped regions.”

Signature Mapping is an analysis and visualization technology that can be installed to read images from medical imaging devices to detect disease states, said Guardian.

The Aurum Institute for Health Research is an independent medical scientific organization dedicated to the treatment of and research into epidemic and other diseases in developing countries.