Hatch, Medical Miracles partner to patent total occlusion device
Hatch Medical, a medical device incubator and technology brokerage firm, has entered into an agreement with Medical Miracles in Leeds, England, to broker its patented and CE Marked chronic total occlusion device, POLAR.

Path Of Least Arterial Resistance, or POLAR, is a mechanical device that generates reciprocal and lateral movements at the distal end of standard guidewires with frequencies of 16 to 100 Hz., when passed through an angioplasty balloon catheter, allowing clinicians to confidently cross occluded vessels, according to the Duluth, Ga.-based Hatch.

The company said that in several published clinical studies which utilize the POLAR device in a technique, known as vibrational angioplasty, the device has proven to be both expedient and efficacious.

POLAR is available for licensing or acquisition to interested third parties through an exclusive agreement with Hatch Medical, the company said.