Health Discovery, DCL Medical to develop CAD test for cervical cancer
Health Discovery, a support vector machine (SVM)-based molecular diagnostics developer, and DCL Medical Laboratories, a clinical reference laboratory focused on women’s health, have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop an SVM-based computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) test for the analysis of cervical cells.

Financial terms of the development contract were not released.

The new SVM-based system is intended to further improve the sensitivity of the Pap test, the principle mechanism for detection of cervical cancer, and augment the recent improvements in computer-guided screening that have already improved detection rates, according to the Savannah, Ga.-based Health Discovery.

In addition, images and interpretative data from the new SVM-based system may now be transmitted electronically, thus allowing remote review and collaborative interpretation, the Indianapolis, Ind.-based DCL Medical said.

“Using our patent-protected SVM technology, we believe that our new screening system will further enhance current Pap systems in the detection of cellular abnormality. In addition, we believe that using currently available image capturing technology, our SVM-based image analysis could be made available for screening to physicians in clinical laboratory and hospital settings around the world via transmission and evaluation over the internet,” said Stephen D. Barnhill, MD, chairman and CEO of Health Discovery.

DCL will provide experience in cytopathology, clinical trials and product development, combined with an exceptional specimen library to facilitate the commercialization process, according to Michael Hanbury, president and CEO, DCL.