Healthline Networks and GE roll out visual search tool
Healthline Networks and GE Healthcare have launched Healthline BodyMaps, a 3D visual search tool for consumers.

BodyMaps is an interactive human body that allows consumers to navigate male and female anatomy, view systems and organs down to their smallest parts and explore in detail how the body works. It transforms the body into a visual learning platform with medically guided search capabilities and links to related information, including videos, animations, learning centers and wellness guides.

BodyMaps is free to consumers, widely accessible and does not require any download or additional viewing applications. Future enhancements to BodyMaps will include mobile and tablet extensions, predictive views of what happens to the body based on human behavior, diseases and specific conditions, including topics like how the body changes during pregnancy, how tumors grow and what happens as the body ages, according to the San Francisco-based provider of health information services.

Click here to access BodyMaps.