Heartlab previews next-generation, web-based CIS, integrating TomTec 4D
Heartlab previewed at this week's American College of Cardiology meeting its new Ascentia cardiovascular information system that provides multimodality image analysis tools, digital reporting, and secure portal access to patient records delivered via a web-based technology.
Ascentia Portal delivers diagnostic-quality DICOM images to PCs on the inter/intranet, the company said. Heartlab's compression-on demand technology delivers different levels of lossless and lossy compression from the original images in the DICOM archive.
Ascentia WorkStation enables access to diagnostic-quality images and review tools for multiple cardiology and vascular imaging exams. WorkStation introduces new user configurable measurement protocols and robust vascular features such as bolus chase reconstruction and remasking.
Ascentia Results Management offers integrated, structured reporting which allows physicians to create reports digitally while reviewing cases on-line.
Also, as a work-in-progress, Heartlab showed the Ascentia HeartStation to handle digital ECG management for electrocardiograms from any vendor's ECG equipment. With HeartStation, ECG studies are stored, read, interpreted and archived as part of a patient's web accessible electronic medical record.
Heartlab's Ascentia WorkStation, Results Management, and Portal systems received FDA clearance in February.
Heartlab also announced it will be integrating a 4D Cardio-View software application from TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH with its Ascentia WorkStation.
The TomTec technology will expand Heartlab's WorkStation to include advanced 3D/4D image processing and real-time rendering, ensuring instant display of acquired data, and quick generation of 4D view.
Instead of launching a separate application from the desktop, the TomTec technology will be available to users within the Ascentia WorkStation application. With the new integrated tool, physicians will be able to perform analysis functions from the Ascentia WorkStation on the hospital network, Heartlab said.