Heartlab's CardioNow expands installation base
Heartlab Inc. will deploy its web-based CardioNow image management system for cardiovascular clinical trials at the Cardiovascular Core Analysis Laboratory (CCAL) at the Stanford Center for Research in Cardiovascular Interventions in California.

CCAL will utilize CardioNow to streamline and expedite the receipt, tracking, archiving and analysis of complex cardiac images form hospital investigator sites around the world.

According to Heartlab, the internet-based technology enables hospital investigator sites to share DICOM studies required by certain cardiovascular drug and device clinical trials. Study images can be transferred electronically from investigator sites to angiographic and ultrasound core labs throughout the world for analysis. The studies can also be made available online for simultaneous review by other stakeholders such as clinical event committee members, safety monitoring board members and trial sponsors, said Heartlab.