Hitachi debuts new Oasis MRI system
Hitachi Medical Systems America introduced its new 1.2-Tesla Oasis MRI system, a  high-performance modality featuring a boreless design, at the 2007 RSNA annual meeting.

Equipped with proprietary Hitachi technologies, Oasis is the culmination of 20 years of patient-friendly MR system engineering, the company said. Oasis’ boreless design features a high-strength whole-body vertical field magnet, and Hitachi’s Zenith radiofrequency (RF) technology maximizes the available high signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio, according to the developer.

The Oasis system is equipped with Higher Order Active Shimming Technology to optimize RF fat saturation and RADAR motion compensating scanning technology for all imaging planes and all coils. The device features fast gradients and a rich array of pulse sequences to meet the clinical and throughput expectations of high-field MRI – while providing a patient-centric imaging environment.