HLI translates medical terminology, administrative billing codes for consumers
Health Language, Inc. (HLI), a supplier of language engine technology, has developed a new content set that allows for translation of medical terminology and billing codes into terminology suitable for communicating patient data to consumers, physicians and health plans.

Associating clinical terms and diagnosis codes with consumer-friendly terms allows consumers to read and understand their explanation of benefits statement, as well as search their health plan-provided personal health records (PHR) using layperson vocabulary for information about their diagnosed condition(s), said HLI.

The company said that traditional medical and administrative terminology can be confusing. For example, a 410.90 code, which represents a diagnosis of “acute myocardial infarction, unspecified site, episode of care unspecified,” is meaningless to most consumers. However, by translating the administrative code and medical term into the commonly understood “acute heart attack” diagnosis, patients are able to search for relevant information within the PHR using that common term, the Aurora, Colo.-based company noted.

“Our ability to speak in the distinct language of each stakeholder will shift the information flow paradigm in healthcare,” said George Schwend, CEO and president of HLI. “Consumers, physicians and health plans will benefit from a new level of transparency in clinical information and administrative processes.”