Hologic features latest in womens imaging
Hologic showcased at RSNA 2006 its newest technologies for women’s imaging, including its enhanced Selenia FFDM system and the SecurViewDX diagnostic workstation that can display digital mammograms from any vendor. The company also discussed its works in progress digital tomosynthesis technology.
The Selenia FFDM uses selenium-based direct capture technology that eliminates light diffusion for completely improved clarity and image quality. The breast imaging system incorporates HTC grid technology that reduces radiation scatter for better contrast. Selenia also features large Selenia detector capable of imaging almost any breast without requiring multiple exposures.
Following Hologic’s acquisition of CAD leader R2 Technology, R2 mammography applications software tools including Citra are being fully integrated into the Hologic line of multi-modality breast imaging workstations. Citra brings physicians a universal and “CAD-intelligent” system for reviewing digital mammography images and, if needed, comparing them with digitized prior film images. And Citra optimizes R2 CAD mark and R2 CAD information display to assist the radiologist in review and decision-making, while streamlining workflow.
For analog facilities, Hologic is demonstrating how DigitalNow, a product developed for the thousands of mammography facilities that see digital in their future, allows users to build a library of digitized prior mammograms and helps facilitate a seamless transition to soft-copy review when the facility transitions to digital. DigitalNow improves the digital reading environment and workflow by eliminating the need for light boxes next to high-resolution monitors. This product features universal compatibility with all DICOM workstations and flexible electronic patient data system integration.
Designed with user input and practical considerations in mind, Hologic is showcasing upright and prone stereotactic breast biopsy solutions including the MultiCare Platinum stereotactic biopsy system. Following the merger of Suros Surgical Systems and Hologic, the Suros ATEC automated tissue excision and collection system has been optimized for use with the Hologic MultiCare Platinum prone and StereoLoc II upright biopsy systems. The Suros ATEC breast biopsy and excision system offers multiple clinical benefits, including diverse needle options to accommodate a wide variety of patient presentations, continuous pain management, and a fully closed system with tissue acquisition every 4.5 seconds. And ATEC is carefully engineered to reduce patient recovery time, emotional stress, and expense.
The ATEC Emerald is designed specifically for clinicians requiring a more mobile solution to perform MRI-guided breast biopsy and for facilities with dedicated breast MRI programs. The ATEC Emerald is MRI-specific and allows for a 30-minute MRI-guided breast biopsy on biopsy patients with multiple lesions in a single gadolinium injection session. The ATEC Emerald can be used with the grid and pillar-and-post targeting methods and is compatible with all leading magnet and coil manufacturers.
The ATEC Sapphire is the first all-in-one breast biopsy system that provides radiologists and surgeons the ability to biopsy in any of the three primary diagnostic imaging modalities of stereotactic x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI using a single biopsy unit.