Hologic introduces biopsy markers

Hologic Inc. has introduced two new second shape titanium breast biopsy markers. The unique hourglass shape of the new markers helps clinicians mark and independently identify multiple biopsy sites in the same breast. The new markers are sold as the TriMark 2S and CeleroMark 2S.

The current Suros family of markers includes the Atec TriMark and Suros CeleroMark biopsy site identifiers. These markers are compatible with the Atec breast biopsy and excision system and Suros Celero ultrasound biopsy device, respectively. The standard TriMark identifier is a cylinder-shaped titanium pellet. The new 2S markers are half the size of the standard TriMark and can be used in conjunction with the current family of Suros biopsy site identifiers.

At least 70 percent of all breast biopsies require site identifiers with more than 800,000 used every year in the United States. Single breast, multiple lesion biopsies are performed at different percentage rates depending on the imaging modality used in the biopsy. It is estimated that in a single breast, multiple biopsies are performed 10 percent of the time using ultrasound guidance, 5 percent in stereotactic x-ray and 40 percent with MRI-guided breast biopsy.