i3ARCHIVE adopts new 3G standards into NDMA

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Becoming the first company to adopt the new third-generation (3G) standards for Grid Computing in the medical community, i3ARCHIVE Inc. will integrate the standards into its National Digital Mammography Archive (NDMA), an archive of digital mammography images and patient data.

The project, which will be completed in 2005, is being funded through a grant from the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute, said the Berwyn, Pa.-based company.

The standards, such as Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) and Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI), make it possible for the NDMA to integrate with information from other medical databases. The integration will make the data more accessible to a broader range of patients through their healthcare institutions and provide benefits including better diagnosis and care, record portability and better image quality, according to i3ARCHIVE.

"Adopting these standards enhances the NDMA, making it possible to connect it to other medical content," said Bob Hollebeek, CTO. "Systems of this type will be the basis for secure digital patient record systems, making medical digital information available with the same convenience as the Web."