IBA delivers 1-124 positron emitter to Europe
IBA Molecular has started shipments of Iodine-124 to PET center customers throughout Europe, the company said at SNM 2007 in Washington, D.C., this week. I-124 is a positron emitter with a half-life of 100.3 hours, making it highly suitable for radiolabeling antibodies. The company introduced I-124 in North America in 2004. For European supply, Vreije Universiteit in Amsterdam will serve as the primary production facility.

“The availability of I-124 through IBA Molecular will now make clinical trials involving I-124 a viable option for researchers throughout Europe,” said Renaud Dehareng, who heads IBA Molecular’s European branch.

Olivier Legrain, the president of IBA Molecular, said that through the collaboration with Vreije Universiteit, the company will soon offer “our customers access to Zirconium-89, a promising PET isotope with a half life of 78.4 hours. We are also working on further complementing these isotopes with the production of Copper-64 as well as innovative F18-based tracers.”