IBA joins French association to develop particle-beam therapy
IBA has signed a letter of intent with ARCHADE to complete the development of the prototype for a new system for hadron (subatomic particle) therapy in Caen, France.

ARCHADE is an association whose members are the Centre François Baclesse, a center combating cancer and Caen CHU (a university hospital). Both are located in Caen. The association was established to develop a European resource center for hadron therapy in the Basse-Normandie region.

IBA said it is also entrusting $57.95 million (€40 million) to ARCHADE for the development phase, and ARCHADE will have the opportunity to buy the prototype back as soon as it has been qualified for therapeutic use.

The aim of the preliminary agreement is to qualify this equipment for therapeutic use before the end of 2011, IBA said. The new center will be built around a new type of 400 MEV (millions of electrons volts) superconducting isochronous cyclotron which will be used to accelerate carbon ions, as well as protons.