iCAD: improving breast, lung, and colon cancer detection
iCAD is onboard at SCAR 2005 displaying its flagship mammography CAD (computer assisted detection) line, SecondLook, as well as featuring two advanced CAD systems as works-in-progress.
The first, iCAD's Second Look Lung, is a lung cancer detection system that is designed to make the medical review of lungs in CT scans more efficient.

The company, awaiting FDA clearance to market and sell the CT lung CAD system, anticipates the system to be on the market as early as the third quarter of this year. Distribution agreements for iCAD's lung cancer detection products are in place with TeraRecon and Viatronix, both of which are expected to begin marketing upon FDA approval.

iCAD is developing a CT Colon CAD system, which also is featured at SCAR, integrated with Vital Systems' virtualization package. According to iCAD, the system will utilize 2D and 3D volume-rendered data to detect and mark 3D objects of the segmented colon. The 3D visualization application would then display all of these markers on the reconstructed colon "landscape" view for an overall indication of the number of polyps in the study.

iCAD said it is aiming to have the product available in 2006.