IHE releases new patient Care Coordination framework

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The IHE Patient Care Coordination (PCC) Technical Committee earlier this month published a final text version (1.0) of its PCC Technical Framework which includes the Cross Enterprise Sharing of Medical Summaries Integration Profile (XDS-MS), including Medical Summary Document Content (MS) specification. Additionally, the committee published the following supplements for trial implementation:
  • The Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) profile provides a mechanism to record the patient privacy consent(s), and the means by which to assure that the terms of the consent are followed;
  • Emergency Department Referral Profile (EDR) gives a process through which medical summary data can be transmitted from an EHR System to an EDIS System;
  • Exchange of Personal Health Record Content (XPHR) provides standards for managing the to and fro of information between a patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR) and provider systems (such as EHRs) for improved interoperability; and
  • Pre-procedure History and Physical (PPHP) to assist caregivers in gathering patient information prior to procedures so that risks can be evaluated.
IHE plans to use these documents in tests during its 2007 Connectathons which will start up in January. 

Comments on these supplements can be submitted at http://forums.rsna.org

More information: http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Framework/index.cfm