IHE Showcase highlighting the clinical, technological and interactive
ORLANDO – This year’s HIMSS 2008 Interoperability Showcase is highlighting the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’s (IHE) common framework for delivering interoperability across local, regional and national health information exchanges. The interactive environment uses clinical scenarios that simulate how health information is seamlessly passed among care providers.

The clinical scenarios focus on clinician and patient access and information sharing across the full continuum of care. For instance, the showcase is display interoperability in action to illustrate the benefits of managing personal healthcare.

The interactive demonstration is showing how interoperability can improve the patient care process and link vital health information to give clinical care givers the right information care. It also features multiple theaters that deliver education, success stories, and information on the national initiatives surrounding interoperability.

Among the education theaters, several presentations are showing attendees how to effectively implement change in various venues, including:
  • IHE: Changing the Way Healthcare Connects in Communities;
  • IHE: Changing the Way Healthcare Connects in Hospitals;
  • IHE in Regional and National Health Information Exchange Around the World;
  • IHE’s Contribution to Standards Harmonization for the NHIN; and
  • Radiology and Mammography— IHE Domain Update.
IHE is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE promotes the coordinates use of established standards such as DICOM and HL7 to address specific clinical need in support of optimal patient care.