Ill take blueberry juice with my MRI, please
St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver is now using TrueBlue blueberry juice during MRI procedures.

The supervisor of the MRI in the radiology department at St. Paul’s, Wayne Patola recently attended a seminar where he discovered that blueberry juice can be used with MRI to take an image of the bile ducts.

In most cases “the fluid in the stomach is always in the way and degrades the image. Blueberry juice (also, tea, pineapple juice and Kaopectate) given orally will affect the way the fluid behaves on an MRI and effectively remove it from appearing on the image. This allows for better visualization of the bile ducts,” said Patola.

“That the department recently started using blueberry juice in this manner and has achieved good results. Also, it’s nice to be giving patients something to drink that they actually enjoy,” Patala added.

Of course, blueberry juice isn’t just useful in MRI, it is also high in antioxidants, has cancer and heart disease fighting properties, can help lower cholesterol, slow aging, improve eyesight, and boost coordination.