IMAGE to release new nuclear medicine software
IMAGE Information Systems is launching IQ-NUC, new nuclear medicine software for the automatic reconstruction and processing of medical images.

IQ-NUC is medical software that—based on algorithms of the artificial intelligence—automatically recognizes the myocardial structure in the raw data, detects the heart axis in the reconstructed transversal slices, reorients the data and offers a complete result representation, according London-based IMAGE. The company said that algorithms work accurately showing a peak recognition rate of 93 percent; however, it is possible to perform manual readjustments at any time. 

Mathematician and biophysicist Thomas Rösner, PhD, has been working on the product with a creative team of software developers for the last three years.

“Since all results are automatically calculated within 1.5 seconds, the nuclear medicine specialist is able to view and interpret the medical images immediately, reducing the technician’s work load at the same time. The workflow thus becomes a whole lot easier,” Rösner said.

IMAGE said that the results are available immediately as slice sequences, detailed 3D models, quantitative calculations or animated sequences.