Imaging Accreditation: Preparing Your Practice
Monday, April 4, 2:00-3:30 PM

Diagnostic imaging, probably more than any other area of cardiovascular medicine, has been under scrutiny by payors because of its rise in utilization and subsequent additional costs to the healthcare system. Cardiologists, in particular, have been singled out for self-referred imaging.

Insurers have designed several methodologies to curb the rise in imaging utilization and/or to assure its appropriate use. Radiology benefit managers (RBMs) are one method insurers have employed. Physicians, especially radiologists, have decried RBMs as interfering with physician autonomy in either accepting or denying an imaging request. Some studies, however, have shown the economic benefit of this approach.

Some insurers also have refused to pay for imaging services from centers equipped with minimal imaging techniques. This has affected those services that offer only CT and/or MRI, which are two of the advanced imaging techniques that have contributed the most to the rise in imaging utilization and cost.

In this sessions, cardiologists and other cardiovascular professionals can learn about the latest in imaging accreditation. With plenty of time set aside for Q/A, everyone should be able to get the answers they want regarding imaging accreditation. Insurers are increasingly embracing the concept of accreditation as a means to ensure the highest quality and, by default, appropriate use of imaging is employed.

Speaker Information
  • Patty Reames, RT, Ohio State University Heart Centers, Bellefontaine, Ohio -- Lab Accreditation: Defining Success
  • Karanvir S. Grewal, MD, MidOhio Cardiology Consultants, Columbus -- Glass Half Full: Reasons to Embrace Accreditation
  • Sandra Katanick, RN, Intersocietal Accreditation Commission, Columbia, Md. -- IAC Tips to Prepare Your Practice