Imaging3's Dominion to aid in spinal surgery

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Imaging3 Inc., a developer of an imaging device that produces in real-time 3D medical diagnostic images of nearly any part of the human body, recently provided an overview of how its soon to be available Dominion product can assist in spinal surgery applications.

Advances in spinal surgery — both technological and scientific — will require more detailed fields of vision during surgery, and the real-time 3D images from Imaging3's Dominion product are expected to be a major part of this rapidly developing sector, the company said.

"Over the next decade or more, a continued reliance on fusion technologies, dynamic stabilization and the increased use of minimally invasive procedures will necessitate the need for an improved visual field in the spinal surgical suite," said Dean Janes, CEO, Imaging3. "The Dominion, with its unprecedented real time 3D imaging, will provide physicians a much greater degree of accuracy and increased performance and speed while performing these procedures. By being able to view the human body in 3D in real time, the physician will more accurately diagnose and treat patients with spinal disease and disorders."