Imaging3's new Dominion set to speed up 3D imaging

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Imaging3 Inc. this week provided more details on its medical imaging technology Dominion which produces real-time 3D images of nearly any part of the human body. The company said it has developed the technology as a leap ahead of current 3D imaging applications commonly available today, according to a release.

Imaging3's Dominion product is pushing the speed at which the medical community embraces 3D visualization. Current 3D images are created by utilizing images generated by CT and MRI technologies that, though accurate, often take up to 20 or 30 minutes to be available for review by physicians. This poses a problem in, for example, emergency medical trauma situations.

Imaging3's technology, based on low-dose fluoroscopy, is able to deliver detailed 3D imaging instantaneously to the medical team, thereby allowing it to be used to direct surgical and other medical procedures in real time. This provides a physician the capability to more accurately guide catheters, stents, pain management injections, orthopedic implants, pace maker implants, electro-stimulators, cancer treatment, foreign body removal, spinal implants -- as well as any invasive device or procedure. By having access to more detailed information, in 3D, delivered in real time, the physician will be able to perform procedures with greater accuracy and speed, the company said.

The Dominion device is sized to roll through a standard hospital room doorway, and it utilizes regular hospital wall power so that a separate room or facility is not required. Its slim, flat panel detector imaging head allows surgeons complete and unfettered access to the patient's entire body so that it can be used in a more proactive fashion during surgery.