IMIX adds 17-inch DR detector, eliminating nitrogen requirement
IMIX Americas has expanded its DR product line to include a 17-inch by 17-inch, field of view detector, and eliminated the requirement for nitrogen gas in its 9 megapixel (MP) detectors.

The company said the new 17-inch detector accommodates most patient sizes for imaging applications requiring full anatomical coverage. The detector features the same image quality as IMIX’s 16-inch model. The larger field of view reduces cut-off of images and provides 17-inch by 17-inch coverage as opposed to the film or CR standard of 17-inch by 14-inch, and the technologist does not have to rotate cassettes or panels to achieve the full 17-inch coverage, IMIX said.

The detector is available in 9MP and 16MP options, according to the Sterling, Va.-based company. The new nitrogen-free unit will be standard with IMIX's 9MP DR systems.