IMIX sets sights on U.S. DR market
Dec. 4—IMIX launched its IMIX insight line of full-featured, affordable DR products at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

The company became active in the United States this year, after commanding more than 50 percent of the market in China for CCD-based digital detectors, said Sigrid Smitt-Jeppesen, president and CEO. The company recently opened new U.S. headquarters in Sterling, Va., which houses sales, technical support and administrative functions. 

The IMIX insight line is the result of much feedback from technologists, radiologists and administrators, Smitt-Jeppesen said. Technologists wanted a ceiling-mounted tube and a fixed table, while administrators wanted to pay for one detector. Flexibility, quality and price are all important as well. “This is a price-driven piece of equipment,” she said. Facilities need a high volume for a good return on investment but with this equipment, “they can get a full room for less than $150,000.”

The IMIX insight product line includes:
  • PanoRAD, a universal, full-function DR system. Its small footprint and innovative stand design allow for maximum flexibility. The system fits in work areas with 8-foot ceilings rather than the 9-foot ceiling height required by most systems. The PanoRAD includes a generator, detector head and table, along with a fully motorized stand with remote control.
  • NovoRAD is designed and engineered to provide the flexibility of a dual-detector room with just one detector. The affordable machine offers a ceiling-mounted tube support, fixed four-way floating tabletop and floating stand.
  • OrthoRAD is a partially motorized, straight-arm stand specifically designed for the orthopedic market. The fully-functional orthopedic solution features tools designed to address orthopedic imaging needs, such as a weight-bearing platform that allows for the imaging of patients’ feet while standing.