IMSI launches version 5.1.3d
Integrated Modular Systems, Inc. (IMSI) launched a new Version 5.1.3d of its imsiPACS, with integrated modules for nuclear medicine and 3D visualization at last month’s RSNA conference in Chicago.

The company said its imsiPACS provides a DICOM 3.0 and HIPAA-compliant server for image storage, query and retrieval, forwarding, printing and DICOM-formatted media interchange through import and export functions. The archive server resides on any local server or network attached storage devices. Other features include shared archive, patient reconciliation, DICOM Print, failover option and web-based administration.

In addition to its new imsiPACS offering, the company announced that its imsiVIEW.RIS application is now available for installation at imaging centers and clinics along with the full imsimed product line of PACS components on a workstation with a built-in DVD printer. The firm also showcased its imsiRIS.X2, a hosted RIS which duplicates the local database at a remote, secure site providing a portal with controlled distribution of images with reports via the web.