IMV: Digital x-ray install base is growing

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The current install base for both conventional x-ray and digital radiography (DR) units is approximately 16,510 units at 4,860 U.S. hospitals, according to a new study by IMV Medical Information Division. Right now, about one-third of the hospitals have at least one DR system, while about half have computed radiography (CR) units. Lorna Young, senior director, market research, IMV, said regarding the study: “Nationwide, hospital x-ray departments are transitioning to filmless solutions by purchasing DR or CR technology. Some hospitals are adopting CR or DR as their preferred solutions for a filmless department, while others are transitioning towards a complete digital solution by upgrading their conventional x-ray units with CR before replacing their x-ray installed base with DR technology.”

More on the 2005/2006 X-ray/DR/CR Census Database: