Industry round-up: AMS, Sectra
PACS company American Medical Sales has added orthopedic templating to its physician diagnostic workstation. The company said the feature is important for pre-surgery planning, trauma evaluation, and post-operative review. The enhancement is synchronized with the advanced templating software from TraumaCad, AMS said. Customers can access the new feature by upgrading to version 5.1 of the workstation.

Sectra announced the release of a new version of its management tool Sectra Control Tower. The product is designed to provide department managers full control and overview of current production statistics as well as historical data used for trend analysis, according to the company. New features include live reports, with the capabilities of revealing and analyzing bottlenecks in real time. The live reports provide the department manager with instant overview of such selected performance statistics as current queue lengths, patient waiting times and resource usage. Sectra Control Tower collects data from Sectra’s radiological IT systems. The new version facilitates definition of individual queries creating special reports for certain occasions.