Industry round-up: CCHIT, DeJarnette, IDC, Medicsight, NightHawk, Siemens, VirtuRad
The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) will host two upcoming EHR certification program events at HIMSS 2007 in New Orleans on Feb. 27. These include:
  • A Town Hall meeting to review and take questions on current and future certification plans; and
  • Orientation sessions to help companies that develop hospital-based EHR products prepare for the new inpatient EHR certification program.

DeJarnette has released version 3.0 of its dyseCT CT workflow engine. Starting with this release, dyseCT will ship on a Windows XP platform that makes use of a light-weight Oracle 10g database. Other features include the ability to break-up thoracic spine, lumbar spine and reformatted studies, as well as improvements in the basic pattern recognition software. Customers will be contacted to arrange software upgrades, the company said.

Imaging Dynamics Company announced installation of an advanced dual detector Xplorer 2200 digital radiography (DR) system at Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group in Santa Monica, Calif. as part of a comprehensive digital imaging network provided by IDC partner VirtuRad. The IDC/VirtuRad system was implemented in a new, orthopaedic facility on Santa Monica Boulevard immediately adjacent to St. John's Hospital Medical Center. The automated IDC digital X-Ray system is designed to provide improved image quality with much shorter procedure times, and the VirtuRad network delivers these images immediately to the clinical treatment area.
In other IDC news, the company has appointed Garry Zurowski, B Comm, CA. to the board of directors. Zurowski is a retired partner of Collins Barrow Calgary LLP, Chartered Accountants, with experience in private and public companies including manufacturing, and property developers. He has been a director of Global Railway Industries Ltd. since December 2005.

Medicsight has been granted medical device licenses from the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) of Health Canada to begin marketing and selling Medicsight ColonCAD API and Medicsight LungCAD API. David Sumner, chief executive officer of Medicsight plc said, "We are extremely pleased to receive Canadian medical device licenses for our colon and lung CAD products. These approvals build on Medicsight's recent ColonCAR market release in the United States and Europe and expands the addressable market of our CAD products for the company and its distribution partners."

NightHawk Radiology Holdings announced the acquisition of Teleradiology Diagnostic Service (TDS), a California-based provider of off-hours teleradiology services. TDS is a top provider of off-hours teleradiology services on the West Coast, providing services to hospitals throughout California, the largest market in the U.S., the companies said.
"We are pleased to significantly expand our presence in California. Together with TDS, we believe that we are now the largest provider of off- hours teleradiology services in that state," said Dr. Paul Berger, chairman and chief executive officer, NightHawk. "We are also excited to add TDS's outstanding radiologists to our team. TDS is renowned for its quality of service and customer retention, both of which are cornerstones of NightHawk's success."
Upon the close of the acquisition, TDS will operate as a subsidiary of NightHawk Radiology Holdings. Dr. Wilson Wong, chief executive officer and president of TDS, will continue to lead TDS's operations.

Siemens Medical Solutions announced the general availability of INVISION MedsConnect, a clinical data content subscription service that provides clinicians with access to up to 12 months of patients’ prescription histories upon admission to an inpatient acute care facility or during emergency room registration. INVISION MedsConnect supports the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) National Patient Safety Goal for medication reconciliation while helping to streamline clinical efficiencies and improve patient safety throughout the enterprise. INVISION MedsConnect provides clinicians with a window into a patient’s home prescription history and a starting point to obtain a complete medication history, Siemens said.