Industry roundup: Merge, Smart Pill, Varian
Merge Healthcare received RIS/PACS order with speech recognition from the Algemeen Ziekenhuis Heilige Familie in Rumst, Belgium. Fusion RIS/PACS integrates Merge's Fusion RIS GL RIS with the image visualization, distribution and storage technologies of the company's Fusion PACS. The AZHF order represents the company’s first comprehensive RIS/PACS/speech recognition agreement in the Belgium market. Implementation is scheduled to be completed by October 2007.

UC Davis Medical Center will offer the SmartPill GI Monitoring System to patients. The SmartPill pH.p Capsule is a medical device capable of providing segmented transit times for gastric emptying, combined small and large bowel, and total gastrointestinal (GI) tract transit. The SmartPill GI Monitoring System aids in the evaluation of patients with motility disorders, including those suffering from symptoms of slow gastric emptying, a condition known as gastroparesis. Symptoms of gastroparesis include heartburn, nausea, vomiting of undigested food, abdominal bloating, erratic blood glucose levels and spasms of the stomach wall.

The SmartPill pH.p Capsule is a wireless, ingestible medical device - about the size of a large vitamin pill.  The Capsule travels through the gastrointestinal tract, collecting and transmitting data to the SmartPill Data Receiver. The Receiver, slightly larger than a cell phone, is worn on a patient’s belt or around the neck on a lanyard. A patient ingests the single-use SmartPill pH.p Capsule in the doctor’s office and then returns to their daily activities. Usually within a day or two, the disposable capsule is excreted naturally from the body. The patient then returns to the doctor, who downloads the information from the SmartPill Data Receiver.

In addition to the Capsule and the Data Receiver, the SmartPill GI Monitoring System also includes the SmartPill Data Receiver Docking Station, and laptop computer with SmartPill MotiliGI Software.

Radiotherapy centers located in Denmark, in the cities Herlev, Copenhagen and Naestved, will receive 14 new Varian Medical System linear accelerators, each complete with accessories and software enabling intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), over the next 18 months. 

The new equipment, to be installed at Herlev Hospital and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, both in the Capital Region, and Hospital South in Naestved, in the Region of Zealand, will enable the three centres to extend their intensity modulated radiation therapy and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) programs. Varian’s latest Eclipse treatment planning and ARIA information management software will also be installed at all three sites, providing the three clinics with an integrated network.