Initiate debuts HIE product for hospitals, IDNs
Initiate Systems has introduced the initiate health information exchange (HIE) for hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) solution, designed to serve as a foundation for connecting data within and between healthcare networks. 

With a foundation in place, healthcare organizations will be able to share patient and provider data within and across their ecosystem to support more accurate, consolidated views, according to Lorraine Fernandes, vice president, healthcare industry ambassador, Initiate.

The Initiate HIE solution indexes patient records from multiple disparate sources across the environment, enabling strategic initiatives like EHRs and clinical portals, while helping to improve efficiencies, increase patient and provider satisfaction, reduce errors that result from poor data quality and create an interoperable environment, the Chicago-based company said.

"The Initiate Health Information Exchange solution, as the name implies, is the convergence of two very broad concepts within the healthcare ecosystem," said Fernandes.

"Health information exchange within and among healthcare organizations is one of the greatest challenges IDNs, regional health organizations and payors face," Fernandes said. "Providing a connection between the vast amount of data that exists in silos—and serving as a foundation for successful data exchange—is precisely the challenge we're helping our customers solve."