InSite One
InSite One (Booth 2303) is releasing its InDex 6.0 which includes a feature set including storage management services to deliver a suite of intelligent, standards-based solutions that adhere to DICOM, HL7 and XDS (cross document sharing) protocols. The on-demand repository ensures rapid retrieval of clinical information throughout the enterprise with retention for their legal-life in a tamper-proof HIPAA-compliant environment, according to the company.

Long-term storage requirements are managed onsite or at one of InSite One's secure Tier-4 mirrored datacenters with disaster recovery services which include restoration of up to 2 terabytes of data within 24 hours in case of a catastrophic event. InDex solutions include obsolescence protection, a solution for limiting the management of physical resources of the healthcare institution, data migration, ongoing IT support.