InSite One offers new products to bring disaster recovery to smaller institutions
InSite One unveiled new disaster recovery products for smaller ambulatory institutions at the 2008 Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Seattle.

“As the market has matured and the adoption of digital storage has come down in price, smaller and smaller institutions are beginning to understand the need for storage technology and the protection of that data,” Mitchell Goldburgh, senior vice president, marketing and business development, told Health Imaging News. He added that the company’s business partners have begun focusing on smaller-size facilities to grow their business.

As a result, the most recent growth in the segmentation of InSite One’s Index product is on the disaster recovery of community and rural hospitals, as well as non-hospital markets, such as imaging centers and orthopedic or mammography practices.     

Goldburgh noted that this market has varied needs and to cater to those needs, Insite One has issued a new product, InDex Offsite.

Offsite is designed for institutions that may need a geographically removed copy of their PACS data on spinning discs for rapid recovery offsite, which is geared to low-volume institutions. “The features of Offsite are the core of our service, and upon which our eight other products are built,” said Goldburgh.

With InDex Offsite, off-site copy is validated every 90 days to ensure data integrity and all technology obsolescence is included in the fee per study price, according to the Wallingford, Conn.-based company.
“Our partners have also mentioned the need for a return-to-operation-objective,” he said. “Our clients are now writing into their contracts that they need their facilities to be returned to clinical operations within an hour, two hours or five hours,” Goldburgh noted.

With InDex Bundle, a combination of two of InSite One’s products—InDex Recovery and InDex Recovery Plus, “will allow a return-to-operations as close as possible to the time that the error occurred,” Goldburgh said. “With InDex Bundle, we are able to capture that data, so when a facility restores, Bundle allows the facility to restore the data, the database and PACS is back up and running,” he noted.     

The company said that in this configuration, backups of the PACS database are automatically copied to a mounted file system within the Intelligent Management Gateway, which also sends a copy of the data to a primary InSite One warehouse.

“Working with our partners and clients who have made investments in on-site storage and PACS has generated new creative managed solutions from InSite One that scale according to each client need,” according to Goldburgh.