Integrated Document Solutions
Integrated Document Solutions' Voice2Dox dictation and structured reporting system  
Integrated Document Solutions (Booth 9524) is showcasing the release of Voice2Dox 2.0, the next generation of its dictation and structured reporting system, which features a preliminary reporting element, automated addendum matching, the ability to link related studies and Snippets, a dynamic customized clipboard for commonly used text.

With preliminary reporting, radiologists can instantly deliver preliminary results to a hospital information system before their final report is ready. By using automated addendum matching, physicians can now amend previously completed reports, sending them to a special, automated workflow where they are matched to the original report.

With Snippets, radiologists can inject paragraphs and normal phrases from a clipboard of their own commonly used canned text that can be inserted anywhere in the structured report or with a normal finding that will accompany a voice dictation.

Voice2Dox also includes a new Report Preview feature that allows radiologists to view their full report in a similar fashion to viewing a document in print preview mode, the company says.